Creating a platform for Brazil’s tech scene

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Creating a platform for Brazil's tech scene

There’s been a lot of activity in Brazil’s tech startup scene lately. Incubators are popping up everywhere, and several startups have managed to snag U.S. venture capital and even get a foothold in Silicon Valley.

TechCrunch and other industry websites have been reporting major news involving Brazilian startups that making international moves, particularly IPOs. But there is no English-language media outlet providing focused, daily reporting on Brazil’s scene: launches, emerging startups, movers and shakers, local ecosystems, regulatory and funding challenges, and so on.

Which is why we need Brazil Next. I’m currently leveraging my connections and web development skills to make it happen; you can sign up to know when the site goes live, or drop me an email if you want in as a contributor or backer, or even if you just have tips/suggestions to share!

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